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About Kara Chambers.

Clinical Psychologist.

BA (Hons Psych), MClinPsych.

Kara is a clinical psychologist and board approved supervisor with over 10 years’ experience working with all age groups across diverse clinical, forensic, educational and private practice settings. Kara utilises evidence-based, integrative therapy tailored to each individual’s unique needs. Her mission is to foster healing and empowerment within a nurturing environment, where clients can discover their inner strengths, values and achieve their personal wellness goals.

Kara has expertise in addressing a wide range of presenting issues including anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, and grief. She also has a special interest in perinatal and postnatal mental health, offering a deep understanding of the complexities and challenges at all stages of this journey. Kara is committed to creating a warm, non-judgemental space to enable self-awareness, resilience and personal growth. Her approach emphasizes holistic wellness & vitality as being fundamental to health longevity and balance in life.


’s areas of interest.

Life Transitions

Adjustment Issues

Confidence and Self-esteem Issues

Grief and Loss

Body Image

Perinatal and Post Natal Support

Infertility and Pregnancy Loss

Relationship Issues